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Feedback from clients using Beeswax Scotland products is crucially important. A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to review or leave feedback on our facebook page, or email direct. We are very grateful

Prior to release we test all our products personally & through a network of independent individuals to ensure only tried, tested & beneficially proven items are included in our range.

To provide a reference bank, below are ailments which were improved by the products our clients used. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Henry Wilkie 6th January 2019 5*

My son and I have eczema and have been using Beeswax Scotland for a long time now to treat our skin conditions. I have never found another product that works as well as what Beeswax Scotland have been giving us. Also I have never knowing anyone like Paula for being so passionate and caring about choosing the right ingredients to make each product. I like to say thank you for being so caring for my son and I over the years, and for the great products you create to help customers like us.

Emma Conway 4th January 2019 5*

I use the nose and paw butter on my white staffy and its brilliant, defo reccomend it for skin irritation

Lucy Jarvis 2nd December 2018 5*

I've only been using the lotion bar for a week and have seen incredible results from my eczema that covered the majority of my hands for several years that no cream has ever touched or made a difference and in almost a week completely disappeared . couldn't be more happy with the product.

Claire Lucille Geddes 18th November 2018 5*

This lady really is a star my hands were so bad in Sept I wore cotton gloves in and out of work found this fantastic page. Due to Paula and her amazing lotion bars I am dermatitis free I can now wear my rings again. I was referred by doctor to hospital for my skin but no longer need appt hands completely free of dermatitis, thanks to my lovely Paula. You truly are a diamond. Until you have a skin condition you will never know how bad miserable and sore you can be when nothing works, love and big hugs xxxx

Fiona Patterson 21st October 2018 5*

I purchased the lotion bar stick and it has worked wonders on two dry skin patches on my legs that I get every year when the weather starts to get cold. Delivery was very fast too!

Nicola Johnson 16th October 2018 5*

Excellent products really helped my skin used the lotion bar for about a week and was already starting to see results :) would definitely buy from here again xxx

Rosie Lushlabs 13th October 2018 5*

Lovely lady, amazing products. One of the best businesses I have used from Facebook.

Helen Smith 12th October 2018 5*

I’ve had a rash on my arm for years, potentially linked to my hay fever (or not, no GP seems bothered to find out!) and nothing would shift it. Not even steroid cream. The rash reduced significantly after one use of the lotion bar and has now almost completely disappeared (I’m not very good at remembering to re-apply). I’d highly recommend this bar for its positive effects both physically and psychologically - it’s lovely being able to wear short sleeves again.

Lucy Groves 10th October 2018 5*

I have suffered with psoriasis for many years and used various creams steroids and had antibiotics to which none have really worked. I've had sore skin itchy skin peeling skin weeping areas and I found this page and saw all the wonderful results, so thought I'd give the lotion bar a try. It's so soothing to apply smells lovely and relieves the dryness of my skin, eases the soreness has even helped with the redness. I do get very self conscious as people seem to stare when I have bad flare ups but this has eased things for me. I would recommend anyone with skin problems to give this a try as its really helping with my condition. I am so pleased I have ordered again.

Carol Burgess 7th October 2018 5*

Paula is so happy to help and her products are amazing as really work I would highly recommend.

Shilpa Singh 6th October 2018 5*

This review has been long-overdue. Paula makes the best, safest, and effective products out in the market. The lotion bar is packed with healing powers. I have been suffering from acne for about a decade now. The lotion bar has helped clear my skin :) Apart from clearing up, the bar is perfectly moisturizing and lasts long. My skin has improved a lot and the redness is gone. I bought a couple of other products too: Scalp Cream, Lip Balm, and Deodorant Stick - all of which are great. I absolutely loved the lip balm and the scalp cream. The lip balm has a smooth, buttery texture, and it has become my favourite lip balm of all time. I doubt I'll switch to another product. Loaded with honey, the Scalp Cream doubles up as a lovely hair mask. Paula was also kind enough to send me a Rose Perfume Roll On. This perfume is divine. Unlike the overpowering scents rose perfumes are associated with, the one by Paula is fresh, dewy, and the soft aroma of rose geranium just lingers on. In addition to all of this, Paula helps and guides one throughout the process. She is responsive and each of her products come with a how-to. Highly recommended! The lotion bar and the lip balm are a must-try.

Ramone Whittle 3rd September 2018 5*

I have had eczema all my life and I have tried MANY products. The lotion bars are by far the best product I have ever used. IT brought my flareups down within a single day! Thank you for creating it and this will be my go to cream from now on.

Debbie Wishart 19th August 2018 5*

Great products and superb communication. I purchased a lotion bar for my daughter's excema and the process was great from start to finish. Paula was great at responding super quickly to messages and was so kind and thoughtful. I received my order within a couple of days (over a weekend) - much more quickly than I thought. The product has really calmed my daughters skin. Highly recommend.

Kerrie Boyle 20th July 2018 5*

I was desperate for a face cream and I react to a lot of different ingredients in creams, even when it is hypoallergenic. I was on Google looking at different ways to make my own when I came across this website. I placed an order for a trial size of the lotion bar cream. It has done wonders for my skin. I apply it first thing in the morning and let it soak in and apply it at night. It has removed blemishes I had for weeks and moisturises my skin better than anything I’ve used. I love this product and even use it in my hair to tame it down. I love the smell and highly recommend it. Paula is an amazing, kind and knowledgeable person who knows her stuff when it comes to skin care.

Carol Burgess 7th October 2018 5*

Paula is so happy to help and her products are amazing as really work I would highly recommend.

Ashleigh Khan 12th July 2018 5*

This stuff is fantastic! I'd seen the page on facebook early in the year and heard good things but as always was sceptical due to having been prescribed several different creams..steroid creams etc that never worked. My hands weren't as bad this time when I bought the lotion bars to try but even so Diprobase etc just didn't help and only temporary stopped the skin being dry.I received the lotion bars in great time after placing an order and on the day of them arriving I was eager to try it out, I've never been so pleased...within a couple of days my hands have gone from dry and cracked almost bleeding again to virtually normal. No one apart from those who suffer like I do with it will know how amazing it is to have hands that aren't it pain, cracked and bleeding. In fact my hands at times would be so bad from bleeding I'd be scared to show them! As much as they weren't nearly as horrendous as normal when I started using this I can guarantee had I not bitten the bullet and bought it they eventually would of gotten to that point again and no amount of prescribed creams would of stopped this from happening so I will recommend this over and over to people who suffer!! 5 stars if I could give it more I would!! My hands haven't felt this good in a long time and plan on keeping it that way.

Lisa Louise Williamson 22nd September 2018 5*

I would highly recommend this lovely lady's lotion bars. They are fantastic. I've had psoriasis nearly all my life and have never been able to keep it under control. I got some lotion bars and I'll admit I never thought it would work. I've tried all sorts of treatments and nothing has come close to this amazing stuff. I've been using the lotion bars for 8 weeks, twice a day. The plaques have gone! The redness has gone! And my skin is no longer itchy. For the first time in my life I have almost normal skin. I can't thank this lovely lady enough x

Fee Hunter 7th June 2018 5*

I love the lotion bar. I originally purchased for my husband who has Psoriasis patches on elbows and shins and saw great results very quickly. The patches are not so inflamed and even some of them have disappeared altogether after only a couple of weeks. I started using on my feet on dry cracked heels and now my feet feel I would totally recommend anyone to give it a try it really is a fantastic product.

Rosie Lushlabs 13th October 2018 5*

Lovely lady, amazing products. One of the best businesses I have used from Facebook.

Jan Baird 15th June 2018 5*

The lotion bar is an absolute god send,, I had given up all hope of ever finding a cure for my very sore and itchy hands, it started working straight away, easy and straight forward to use. Paula is always on hand with good advice and helped me enormously. Thank you so much Paula, I appreciate your help so very much.

Garry McFall 29th July 2018 5*

I have a very dry part on my lower leg that I keep itching and it never heals, I have tried all sorts of creams. I found this company on fb and contacted Paula. Paula has a lovely manner and knowledgeable and has helped me try different items she does. The constant addition of these great products have helped the itching on my leg and I know in time it will properly heal. What she promises she delivers in a fast and professional manner.

Karen Wilkins 28th June 2018 5*

I bought the lotion bar for my hubby who has suffered from some sort of dermatitis on his face for a couple of years. He was prescribed allsorts of creams from the GP but nothing worked. He was very conscious of how noticable it was at times when it was flakey, itchy and very red. He has only be using it for week but the improvement is very noticable. No flaking, and the redness has reduced a lot, he uses it 2 or 3 times a day or whenever he feels it starting to itch. He is so pleased and so am I as the steroid based creams he was prescribed only showed some improvement when he was using it and we were worried about the long term effect. The service we have received from Beeswax scotland has been excellent!! The product proves itself.

Alison Matthews 1st August 2018 5*

I have 2 children, 4 & 5, with eczema behind their knees and inside their elbows. The summer sun, heat and sun cream has made it so much worse and both children were itching until it bled. It was so bad that they couldn’t sleep. I was using creams, cool showers, special sun cream and antihistamines but nothing helped. I spotted this page by chance and thought I would give the lotion bar a go. Paula was very helpful and made sure the product was suitable. We have been using it for about 3 weeks now, once a day at bed time and both children’s skin has healed beautifully. No more scratching, no more sleepless nights and no need to fill them full of antihistamines. I am so pleased with this product. It has changed our lives. Thank you Paula for fab service and an amazing product.

Sumaiya Basil Khan 30th April 2018 5*

Hi everyone. I haven't written this review without trying the lotion bar for 2 months so here are my genuine comments. Simply put...I am in love with it!! It doesn't start to show a difference at once but gradually you get to see the results! I was a bit sceptical at first as I had been fighting eczema for a while with lots of medications but it eventually came back after I stopped taking meds. But this lotion bar has been a miracle. I used it every day 5 or 6 times for a month and have no sign of eczema on my hands anymore and as soon as I sometimes feel my hands turning dry I put a little of the lotion bar again just in case. As it's also chemical free so no worries about overuse. Thank you so much for this. Lots of love.

Caroline Jones 8th March 2018 5*

My husband had really bad cracked dry skin on his hands to the point they started bleeding. Within a few days of using the lotion bar his hands were so much better and completely healed within 7 days. 100% recommend this product and company.

Caroline Close 23rd March 2018 5*

After being recommended by a friend I reluctantly got the bahookie lotion for my daughter who has psorisis and has to have uva treatment at hospital yearly!

I am delighted by the results and hopefully used as part of her daily creams will keep at bay and save the risks of uva.

The lotion rubs in very well and leaves skin feeling great.

I would highly recommend this product and Paula is very lovely and helpful..I look forward to trying more of the products available ..fantastic first class product and service.

Morven Hunter 23rd March 2018 5*

Cannot praise the service I have had highly enough and I absolutely love these products! Amazing for any dry skin issues you may have.

Andrea Fleming 11th May 2018 5*

I ordered the lotion bar cream for my son who has eczema. I had previously tried prescribed creams, Aveeno and Childs farm but still wouldn’t budge on his arm!! Can’t believe the results after week 1!! Amazing! And super fast delivery!!

Beverley Walker 2nd May 2018 5*

Wow it’s amazing

I was recommended from a work colleague who said his wife used it for dry skin after he noticed my hands were dry and cracked also my heels were the same.

After using the lotion bar 3/4 times daily and noticed a huge improvement after only a few days but now after only 3 weeks my skin is soft and no evidence of dry skin at all and I will keep using it as hand cream as I love the smell.

Cannot recommend highly enough this really is a wonderful find and now I can’t be without it.

Isabelle Mounet 27th March 2018 5*

I have used this shop beeswax for my troubled skin and it has been such a blessing.

Now I buy them for family (psoriasis runs in the family) and friends.

Thank you again for your wonders.

Anonymous Male 52 26th Aug 2017 5*

I've had this problem since August last year and within the space of 6 weeks I lost my mum, the doc said it was through stress this has happened and after trying lots of different lotions and creams, YOURS is the only one that has had such a dramatic effect and signs of healing. I'm 52 and after using your bar for only 6 days, applying twice a day and 3 days of 3 applications a day, it is very easy to see the fantastic progress I’m making both medically and in bringing back my confidence. Even friends and family have ALL noticed the huge difference in both my skin and confidence. I'm back to wearing short sleeved t-shirts now instead of the long sleeve type and the comments I have been getting are great too ... my skin doesn’t look as angry now and I don’t leave a trail of dead skin everywhere.

I have found the lotion bar so easy to use and after using my first ever bar for nearly 2 weeks now, using between 2 and 3 applications a day, over large areas of my skin. I have just about finished my first bar and the great thing is you can use ALL of the bar right down to the very last piece. I'm so happy I found your products and after 12 months of disappointments, it has only taken 10 days to change my life and for that I am truly thankful. I'm even going away this weekend, to my boat as it needs work done. For the first time in over a year and I have got all my t-shirts packed. I had just left the house and I bumped into a friend who used to work for Boots the chemist and now has recently qualified as a nurse. Even she has said what a HUGE difference she can see in my skin. As you can imagine the amount of different creams/lotions and concoctions we tried with either little or no effect at all. So, after telling her all about you she is just amazed. Thank you so, so much… keep up your fantastic work.

Gillian Watson 19th Aug 2017 5*

Buying another product was not a new thing to me. I have a 12 year old daughter who has had "age related" skin since she was 6. Our doctor gave her the usual steroid creams for a maximum of 5 days use, 5 days pass and her skin was still the same. So, as she got older I tried the usual face washes and the lotions in supermarket. Then onto more the expensive things, the masks from lush, the clean and clear products and even the ones advertised on telly with the actors that used them and their skin cleared. The most recent was the electro light treatment mask from boots £45 plus £10 for the extra light pack and her skin was still the same. So, buying this bar, I was sceptical.

The lotion bar came and we used it 4 times a day. 2 days later, her "bad" skin started to dry out. The redness was going down and spot size was shrinking. I was thinking hmm ok, maybe her skin is clearing on its own. So, we continued using the bar for a week then went away for few days. Unfortunately we lost the bar, and by day 3 of not using it, her skin was back to being red, sore and inflamed. This is by far, the best and cheapest thing she's used. She still has flare ups when she stressed, but they are nothing like how bad they used to be. Oh, and her eczema its completely gone. Yes 4 times a day sounds a lot, but it’s not when you see your daughter’s acne almost completely gone, no scars and no steroid cream. All I can say is the biggest thank you ever to Paula who has answered every question, every blip in the road. All my thanks, Gillian (Mother of a very happy 12 year old). Xx

Carla Jennet 27 11th Sept 2017 5*

Hello, my friend got me a lotion bar to try on my skin! I've tried the whole chemist trying to fix them. I've only used it twice today and thought I'd let you see the difference. This is nowhere near as bad as my hands get but I can't explain how happy I am with early results. It doesn't hurt in the broken skin and it has made my hands feel amazing. I couldn't even bend my wrists earlier without pain. This product seems to be my saviour!! I can't thank you enough for something that actually works.

Young Mum 19th Sept 2017 5*

To begin with my son, aged 3 and a half, wasn't keen to let me use it lotion bar. But your advice of rubbing it onto my hands then rubbing it in without him seeing the bar worked until eventually he didn't bother about seeing me doing that. Then one day he just said "I do it" and he would rub the bar into the itchy areas like using a sponge. In fact, on one occasion, he called it his "sponge cream". He said to me "what happened to the alphabet?" meaning the words that had been imprinted into the bar. He hadn't grasped that it had faded as a result of using the bar. Unfortunately, I didn't get a before photo of the back of his neck so haven't done an after. I sit with him as he does it and do the areas he can't quite reach. His wee leg was about 4/5 weeks mainly due to moving house and his back was less than a week maybe 3 or 4 days! I’m definitely very happy with it.

Anonymous Female 11th Sept 2017 5*

The lotion barwas purchased to use on my OH (36yo male) itchy cracked and sore feet. The bar is moisturizing without feeling oily and the longer you rub it in the deeper it penetrates and better it feels. His skin on his feet was noticeably softer and the sore bits were less painful after just 1 day. By day 3 a lot of the sore bits were visibly better and the results already are amazing...The itching has stopped also. I would highly recommend this product and will continue to use it! (and the added hands are silky soft after rubbing his feet!)

Young Mum 25th Oct 2017 5*

My little girl 13 and a half months and has eczema round her mouth, above her top lip and on her chin. The lotion bar cream is so easy to use, carried it everywhere with us and used it every time she had a nappy change (kept it in her bag so each time we went into it.. We used it on her face and we literally seen a difference within 2/3 days, with the redness. I'd say she's been like this since at least June! I just checked her second cream we were given and that was July and we had already been before that. Even my niece has used it on her eczema and noticed a difference after using it twice.

Nicola Talbot 12th Dec 2017 5*

I heard about beeswax scotland through a friend who recommended them as I was having terrible problems with my skin on my face I have always had really bad skin, and having to wear loads of make up to help or try and cover it up and have tried everything on the market. I even use clinque wash for washing which isn't cheap. was going to try the proactive but didn't want to spend the money on it if it didn't work and would just be a wasted face product lying about my cupboard. I have been using the lotion bar for about 2 weeks only running it on my face morning and night and I must say what a big difference it has made. my face isn't perfect and don't think it ever will be. before trying this bar u made an appointment to see the doc which I had last week and they gave me antibiotics to try and a gel. Will give the tablets a try but might give the gel a miss as the bar on it's own seems to be working. so no more buying any acne products plus it stops your skin from drying out. fab stuff and will continue using it for as long as I need. I still wear make up but maybe not as much as still don't feel confident not to wear any. I am in my early.40s but even if you are younger and have problems with acne then you should really try this lotion bar. best product I have ever brought

Christine Sutherland 8th Feb 2018 5*

I bought the (pet nose butter) from Paula for my 10 month old puppy as her paws were looking quite dry and cracked with the bad weather we’ve had recently. We have only been using it for about 10 days but the difference in her paws is amazing ! The skin around the pads has completely healed over and it is really smooth again. We are happy to report that we have a very happy pooch again. Thanks so much Paula xx.

Boryana Todorova 3rd Jan 2018 5*

I am working as a nail technician from a year. Since I was using my hands all day long with gloves and not much rest, I’ve experienced really bad work eczema on my thumb and pointer finger. It looked terrible, it felt awful, no sense in these fingers. After couple visits to my GP I was so desperate, started trying everything - all kind of creams - Working Hands, Aveeno, E45, expensive organic creams, nothing helps. Accidentally I’ve seen Paula’s Facebook page, decided to ask if she could help. She was lovely, explained to me everything, being there for me even afterwards, the service was the best quick and prompt! Two months later my fingers are as new, skin is recovering and I’m still using my lotion bar even if I have a scratch, it’s amazing what it is doing to the skin! Do not hesitate, just try it - you will be amazed! Thank you, Paula! Much love Boryana

Lee Saunders 29th April 2018 5*

I’ve been using the Bahookie Lotion for my psoriasis and it is working wonders. I’m seeing some areas actually healing! I’m also using the Nourishing Scalp Cream for scalp psoriasis and it is amazing. Loving that it is all completely natural with no nasties in! Paula is very easy to deal with and so helpful, always very quick to answer any of my questions. You have a life long customer.

Caira L Martin 13th April 2018 5*

My poor Bobo (American Akita) was suffering from fur loss, after many trips to the vet and many different treatments nothing was working, then I thought of Beeswax Scotland & Paula her skin bar product had worked wonders with my husbands skin condition on his hand, and I knew she did a pet range, so I dropped her a message and after a consult and passing information she developed a bespoke pet spray & nose and paw butter with detailed, easy to follow instructions, specifically for bobo, for me to try... well within 3 days!!! His fur was starting to grow back! I’m in total awe!

Bobo has less itching no more fur loss and strong signs the fur is growing back!

Paula your a genius! Where the vets (and a few hundred £££’s) failed, you triumphed and I cannot thank you enough! THANK YOU!

If you're even a little sceptical I urge you to give her products a try! Pets or Human’s!

It will be well worth it! You won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Paula & Beeswax, luv Caira & Bobo

Moira Duncan 28th March 2018 5*

Lovely products, smells amazing, makes skin feel really soft and Paula keeps you up to date on how your order is doing and she checks up afterwards that the products are working for you or any advice you may need on how to use the products.